Srila Prabhupada’s Morning Walks Recorded.


San Francisco 1968-03-23 Prayer for a Passionate Planet


Los Angeles 1973-04-19 The Scientists’ Bluff
Los Angeles 1973-05-13 Evolution, Devolution, and Elevation
Los Angeles 1973-05-13 Sudras Hear from Scientists
Los Angeles 1973-05-15 Science vs Veda vs Religion
Los Angeles 1973-05-17 Taking the Mystery out of Mystic Power
Paris France 1973-08-09 Animal Killing
London 1973-08-30 Keeping People In Darkness
Los Angeles 1973-12-02 What the Heart Needs
Los Angeles 1973-12-04 Sincere Atheist – Honest Thief
Los Angeles 1973-12-05 We Have Free Will
Los Angeles 1973-12-07 Progress Towards Darkness
Los Angeles 1973-12-15 Philosophy Of The Mad
Los Angeles 1973-12-16 The Absolute Need For God
Los Angeles 1973-12-17 Soul Science
Los Angeles 1973-12-18 In God We Trust – Meaning What?


Los Angeles 1974-01-03 Cats, Dogs, Camels, Goats & Madmen
Los Angeles 1974-01-09 The Night and Day Dream
Los Angeles 1974-01-11 Good and Not So Good Brains
Los Angeles 1974-01-18 We Controllers Are Getting Kicked
Bombay India 1974-02-17 Let Everyone Be Happy
Bombay India 1974-02-23 A Good Man & A Kick In The Face
Vrindavan 1974-03-14 Revise Human Western Edition
Vrindavan 1974-03-17 Stop All Bogus Religion
Bombay 1974-03-23 A Kindly Slap For A Fool
Bombay 1974-03-24 Everyone Is Serving
Bombay 1974-03-29 Misleading & Misled
Bombay 1974-03-30 Lesson In Humility and Tolerance
Bombay 194-03-31 Take Shelter of Eternal Life
Hyderabad 1974-04-22 If You Love God… Why Disobey?
Hyderabad 1974-04-23 Protect Against Degradation
Hyderabad 1974-04-29 Miracles and MIRACLES
Rome 1974-05-24 Relief – Only for First Class Devotees
Geneva 1974-05-30 Free To Enjoy
Geneva 1974-06-05 Your Position – Conditioned!
Geneva 1974-06-08 One Machine Makes 100 Men Unemployed
Geneva 1974-06-08 The Meaning Of Marriage
Geneva 1974-06-09 The Psychology Of The Human Animal
Paris 1974-06-11 Krishna – Background Of Courage
Paris 1974-06-13 Maya – Everything Belongs To Me
Paris 1974-06-14 The Nonsectarian Signboard
Paris 1974-06-19 People Want to Banish God
Germany 1974-06-20 Different Bodies – Different Brothers
Germany 1974-06-21 Theologians-Who Needs Them
Melbourne 1974-06-29 Unlimitedly Merciful Lord


Honolulu 1975-02-23 Must All Devotees Live In Temples
Dallas 1975-03-04 Life – Work Hard and Sin
Mayapura 1974-04-03 High-Tech, High-Sci Rascals
Hyderabad 1975-04-06 A Perfect Disciple’s Imperfection
Perth 1975-05-08 Enlightened Egoism
Melbourne 1975-05-19 The Envious and the Merciful
Melbourne 1975-05-23 The One Way To Rectify Rascals
Honolulu 1975-06-07 Human Sheep and Jackals
Los Angeles 1975-06-23 Colleges for Character Needed
Denver 1975-07-01 Spiritual Food and Finance
Denver 1975-07-02 Each Second New Body
Chicago 1975-07-08 How Blind People Are!
Chicago 1975-07-09 All -isms is Equal to Animalism
Philadelphia 1975-07-14 Our Soul Necessity
San Francisco 1975-07-17 Human Civilization – Where?
San Francisco 1975-07-18 Crossing the Ocean By Becoming A Fish
San Francisco 1975-07-21 Moon Rocks from Arizona
Detroit 1975-08-06 Krishna & Christ – Father & Son
Paris 1975-08-12 Responsible Jackals
Vrindavan 1975-09-06 Sex Propaganda Can’t Stop Death
Vrindavan 1975-09-13 Who Made You Embodied
Vrindavan 1975-09-15 Successful Suicide – G Zero D
Mauritius 1975-10-03 Progress – Die Quickly
Mauritius 1975-10-03 The Great Ones – All Rascals
Mauritius 1975-10-04 The Modern Misunderstanding
Mauritius 1975-10-05 Human Life – Don’t Miss The Boat
Durban 1975-10-13 Modern Primitives
Johannesburg 1975-10-20 I’m Happy – I’m Fool Number One
Johannesburg 1975-10-21 Abortionists – Kick Them In The Nose
Bombay 1975-11-03 Peace in Society of Dogs
Bombay 1975-11-10 Nationalism is Irrationalism
Bombay 1975-11-12 Maya and Her Ministers
Bombay 1975-11-16 Scientists, Goats, Politicians
Bombay 1975-11-21 Aryan Blood – A Misnomer
Vrindavan 1975-12-03 Voidists, Impersonalists
Vrindavan 1975-12-10 Why Doesn’t Swamiji Like Women?
Vrindavan 1975-12-12 Our Gross and Subtle Toys
Bombay 1975-12-20 God and Guru – No Substitutes
Bombay 1975-12-23 In Love With God 24 Hours a Day


Nellore 1976-01-06 Why Not Become A Wise Man
Mayapur 1976-02-25 The Process Of Disgust
Mayapur 1976-02-26 Nothing But Krishna
Mayapur 1976-03-07 Disciple-Discipline
Mayapur 1976-03-12 One Should Give To Temple
Mayapur 1976-03-16 What Is Next
Delhi 1976-03-25 Suffering Is Your Creation
Bombay 1976-04-17 How To Use This Body
Melbourne 1976-04-21 The Philosophy Of Cow Dung
Melbourne 1976-04-24 Happy Suffering
Honolulu 1976-05-12 Dance, Eat, and Live Eternally
Honolulu 1976-05-15 Christians Don’t Accept Christ
Los Angeles 1976-06-03 Death and Dreams
Los Angeles 1976-06-08 Evolutionary Suffering
Toronto 1976-06-18 Dealing with the Envious
Paris 1976-08-02 Master=Slave
Teheran 1976-08-09 A World Run By Mad Rascals
Teheran 1976-08-11 One Has To Pass Examinations
Bombay 1976-08-14 Cow Care


Bombay 1977-01-04 Can You Know You Are Liberated
Bombay 1977-01-08 About Kumbha Mela – Know and Do What Krishna Wants
Bhubanesvara 1977-01-30 Meaningless Has Hidden Meaning
Bhubanesvara 1977-02-01 Science Athiests – Blind Bluffers